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Free LeinenKugel’s Winter Seasonal Beer Sampling

Snowdrift Vanilla Port

The Complimentary Beer Tasting event begins at 6 pm on Sat. Dec. 5th.

leinenkugel's-snowdrift-vanilla-post-beerSnowdrift is a fuller-bodied brew with hints of cocoa, coffee and caramel brought out by roasted malts and aged on real vanilla, our Leinenkugel’s® Snowdrift Vanilla Porter® is smooth and creamy, making it ideal for winter..

Food Pairings

The creamy body and vanilla notes pair well with marshmallow sweet potato casserole, glazed ham with cherries, bananas foster and almost any combination of chocolate and cherry.


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The Beer’s Ingredients (Specified by Brewmasters)

Two-and six-row Pale Malt, Caramel 60, Carapils®, Special B, Dark Chocolate and Roasted Barley
Hops:  Willamette
Other: Real vanilla

Beer Stats
Alcohol by Volume – ABV 6%
International Bitter Units – IBU

Availability:Normally only in November-December each year

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